AI integration into Odoo v17

At VitrTech we are always excited about opportunities for automation. That’s why we are excited about Odoo V17, and what this really means for the entire Odoo eco-system in subsequent upgrades. We love that Odoo has already commenced further integrating AI, especially generative AI into the platform, and we think things will only get more interesting from here. Here is a list of AI integrations that can be found in Odoo V17:

Odoo AI

1. AI in Odoo 17: A Comprehensive Overview

Automated Data Entry in the Accounting Module

Let’s start with something every business cares about: keeping the books straight. Odoo 17’s accounting module has numerous automation integrations, some which have existed in previous versions and some that have now been incorporated in Odoo V17.

Odoo 17 can automatically extract and encode data from PDFs and images, automatically encoding vendor bills. This feature minimises manual entry, reducing time and potential errors. Most users report a reasonably high level of accuracy with the scanning functions and the feature is reasonably low cost. It’s a critical step towards digital transformation, simplifying record-keeping and ensuring data integrity.

It also features an auto-reconcile function and can population geo-locational data to help compute relevant tax outcomes. When integrated correctly we believe these changes have the ability to save a lot of time.

AI-Powered Lead Scoring in the CRM Module

Sales folks know the grind of keeping your CRM clean and tidy so you do not miss leads. Odoo 17’s CRM module uses AI to score leads for you, predicting which ones are more likely to close. This can help a busy sales team immediately recognise what opportunities should be prioritised. We suspect there is much more in store for future AI integrations into the Odoo CRM.

AI-Generated Content and Layout in the Website Builder

Odoo has kept pace with many of the best website builders. Odoo’s integrated website builder has integrated ChatGPT in V17 to support both layout suggestions and an organic AI content generator. Our experience with these features has been reasonably successful. They allow you to quickly get content on the page, but we still feel it requires that follow-up human touch to get the best product for your business.

Effortless Migration with the Website Scraper

Supporting content generation, Odoo’s website scraper uses AI to transform any existing website into an Odoo page that can be used in the platform. This feature is currently in beta testing but Odoo gives you an opportunity to transition 10 pages of an existing site to Odoo. Check it out for yourself here. We beleive this could be an exciting feature and may see many users switch from other platforms such as WordPress and Wix. We can certainly attest to the simplicity of having your entire business operations contained within a single ERP such as Odoo.

Enhanced Image Compression with WebP Format Images

Lastly, the support for WebP format images in Odoo 17 ensures that websites not only look visually appealing but also load faster. This improvement in page load times is crucial for user experience, potentially increasing retention and conversion rates.


At Vitr Tech, we’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of Odoo 17, drawing on insights from our own experience and other user experiences to highlight what matters most. These AI features are designed to make running your business smoother and smarter. We think Odoo is absolutely on the right track and as usual, the community is rallying around the features in v17 to building on them with many third-party apps. We are excited for what the future holds.

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