About Us

What does Vitr mean?

The word Vitr is derived from the norse word for wisdom. At Vitr Tech, we solve business problems by harnessing cutting edge technology, but combine our approach with time-honoured change-management principles that take a people centric-approach to any  solution a business adopts.

At the core of any business are humans, not hardware

Vitr Purpose & Values

Our purpose is to empower your prosperity through digital transformation.

We recognise that digital transformation can be costly and disruptive. But when done correctly, harnessing effective technological solutions, combined with change management principles, then such change can be transformative to your business profitability, culture and satsifaction of both your employees and customers.

To achieve our purposes, we judge ourselves and our people by the following values:

Absolute Integrity

VitrTech maintains the highest standards of personal and business integrity. We are committed to clear and transparent communication and ensure our actions are guided by our values. Mutual trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with our partners and clients.

Wise action

We balance innovation and progress with proven evidence-based methodologies to deliver highly effective business solutions to our clients and partners. Beyond our commercial activities, wise action guides our interactions with everyone who enters the Vitr Tech eco-system.

Balance in all things

VitrTech's balanced approach ensures your precious resources, including time are allocated efficiently and effectively to achieve the best results. Our culture of balance extends to our communications, interactions with others and our general approach to life.

Collaboration as a Duty

Collaboration allows the flow of ideas and information internally between teams and externally with partners and clients. Vitr embraces a culture of collaboration as the vehicle to drive superior decision-making, innovation, and productivity.

Merit-based Excellence

Our organisation is a meritocracy. We recognise that the best people are the conduits for success in all things requiring human cooperation. Our approach ensures we maintain a high-performance culture that infuses into solutions for our clients.

About Our People

We draw on professionals from across Australia and the globe to deliver you innovative business solutions. Our team comprises of experts from across business and the public sectors. We have deep expertise in areas such as digital transformation, project management, change management, automation and accounting.

We tailor the composition of our team around the range of specialist skills and capabilities required to respond to our client’s needs. We see every client engagement as unique, and we create the best team of specialists for the work to maximise our client’s return on investment.