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ERP Implementation

Unify your assortment of applications, get rid of out-dated spreadsheets and automate repeatable steps via a contemporary Enterprise Resource Planning platform called Odoo ERP. Highly customisable and cost-effective for business of all sizes.

Digital Transformation Audit

Let us complete a free audit across your organisation. We'll identify and recommend opportunities to modernise processes, enhance automation and build digital infrastructure.

AI Consultation & Implementation

We provide comprehensive AI services, including the provision of an AI-powered chat bot trained on your data. Let us automate your mundane tasks!

Web Design & Marketing

Work with Vitr Tech to develop your online infrastructure, including web presence, social media content, marketing and analytics. Establish your authority in your market.

Vitr Tech Expertise

Software Adoption / Implementation

VitrTech harnesses proven solutions to enhance your business operations. From software implementation to process development, VitrTech can guide you on your digital transformation journey.

Business Process and Innovation

Innovation keeps you ahead of the curve and your ability to adapt to changing market conditions will set you apart from your competitors. Let VitrTech assist you in your innovation journey.

Change Management

Your ability to change with your market determines your success. Change can be chaotic and disruptive to your business without a structured approach. Change management is infused in all our services.

Digital Presence

Let us modernise your online infrastructure. From web design, e-commerce development and social media content management, we aim to cement your reputation and build your authority in your market.

Every Industry Can Harness Odoo ERP


Odoo integrates MRP, MES, PLM, Quality, Shop Floor and Maintenance in the same platform. Lean manufacturing via Odoo.

E-Commerce & Retail

Odoo integrates everything needed for physical retail and e-commerce. From POS, CRM, inventory management and an advanced e-commerce application, you have everything you need to thrive.

Logistics & Warehousing

Reduce stockouts, speed up operations, optimise routes and get real time visibility with Odoo's warehouse management app.

Professional Services, Project Management & IT

Odoo is the ultimate project management software. Organize tasks and stakeholders, get a comprehensive overview of your project, and boost team productivity. Integrated with Help Desk and Time Sheets

Real Estate & Construction

Odoo ERP contains a suite of apps that are highly suited to the real estate and construction industries. From project management, CRM, field service and rental applications, your needs are catered for.

Many more...

Including hospitality, health care, mining industry, automotive companies and more. From companies as large as Toyota to sole-traders. The platform is scaable!

Chat with your data

You have a lot of data and perhaps a means for searching through it. This often looks like the search function in Windows Explorer, SharePoint or Dropbox. You know the team spends countless hours searching through your data to provide the customer or the team the data they need.

Advances in software and artificial intelligence now mean that even small businesses can access cost-effective automation opportunities.

Our solutions harness large-language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and others to deliver you a chat like interface that is trained on your data. Imagine being able to chat with your data in plain English, and have it return rapid results. We can also link these data insights to other elements of your digital architecture, for example linking your ERP to the AI powered chat bot to deliver you powerful insights across your entire enterprise.

ERP + AI + Your Data = Happy customers and employees.

Enhance your digital presence

Your online presence matters. An effective online strategy can reach more customers and drive greater revenue than traditional methods alone. It can also be a highly cost effecitve method for driving growth. Despite this, many companies do not invest time in developing this important modality.

At Vitr Tech, we work with you to develop a comprehensive approach to your online presence. We seek to build your company reputation as a go-to expert in your target market or niche. Services include

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Need Help?


If you have a question that isn't covered here, feel free to reach out to us directly – we're always happy to help!

VitrTech is focused on digital transformation. We focus on finding proven, innovative solutions and help our clients implement them. 

Our agency has expertise across numerous discplines including project management, business analysis, software implementation, web design, e-commerce and content creation.

Our goal is to bring this multi-discplinary approach to aid our customer’s digital transformation journey.

Our digital transformation audit is conducted remotely, typically over a single session that can take a few hours depending on your business size.

The goal is not to sell you on a specific product or solution, but to demonstrate where opportunities may lie for your to realise efficiencies in your business process or digital infrastructure.

We are always open to a phone call or email to discuss your specific requirements.

We are currently helping companies combine their disparate processes and applications into a single, unified enterprise resource process (ERP) – specifically Odoo, one of the most customisable and easy to navigate solutions we’ve dealt with.

Odoo (formerly Open ERP) is an exceptional software solution, owing to its open source nature and huge community that supports it. Odoo has thousands of applications written for specific industries that enhance its core application offerings. We’ve not found a software solution (ERP) that is as fully-featured, customisable and cost effective as Odoo.

At VitrTech we draw on a range of specialists across their fields. Digital innovation is at the core of what we do. We have a range of experiences in implementing automation (RPA) software, integrating artificial intelligence into your workflows and change management, particularly when dealing with innovative change. Book some time today if you’d like to chat about your requirements. 

VitrTech is backed by an international Odoo Gold partner for all our technical applications. We provide a full and guided implementations both via remote methods or in-person depending on your company requiements. Speak to us today to discuss your requirements.

At Vitr Tech we can certainly aid in providing web design services. However, we believe our true value is in how you integrate your online services with your other processes and infrastructure. 

Our team can design websites, support SEO and other activities. We are particularly primed for integrating web applications (such as e-commerce) into your digital architecture such as CRM or ERP.

At Vitr Tech, we are excited by the advances in AI and their relevance to business. Today, even small businesses can access cost-effective AI solutions to automate their business.

We offer a full range of services relating to AI for business. These include data management strategies and programs, AI-powered chatbots trained on your data and AI integration into existing systems.

Reach out for a free consult or digital transformation audit.

ERP Implementation & Customisation

Odoo ERP

VitrTech can assist you to integrate all your businesses processes inside of a single Enterprise Resource Planning platform. Odoo is a powerful, affordable and customisable ERP solution that can benefit companies of all sizes and industries.

Used by such names as Toyota, and Sodexho as well as thounsands of SME’s across the globe. Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that integrates all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.

Odoo can integrate your disparate processes and applications into a unified envrionment, saving you time and money. Automate workflows, simplfy process and enhance visibility within your organisation.

Free Digital Audit

Let a Vitr Tech expert conduct a free digital audit on your business and online presence. We can identify and recommend opportunities to enhance your business operations. Our audit will identify opportunities to enhance:

Process automation
Data management & hygiene
Data visualisation
Artificial Intelligence integration
Digital presence & identity
Social media development
User & customer experience


AI Consultancy Services

At Vitr Tech we are excited about the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what it means for your business.

For example, we offer a service whereby we train an AI chatbot on your specific data. This service allows you to instantly access your critical data to support your business or customers. Save countless hours spent searching PDFs and Excel spreadsheets.

Even small-businesses can access highly cost-effective AI solutions that can automate many routine or mundane tasks. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements. Your employees and customers will thank you.

Enhance Your Digital Presence

Do you feel your company could do a better job presenting itself to the outside world via the internet?

VitrTech works with our clients to build or enhance their digital presence. Expand your reach, develop new markets and grow your sales by establishing your business as an authority in your market or niche.

We can help with a range of services that will build up your reputation while passively developing new business. These services include:

Web design
Social media marketing
Content creation
Search engine optimisation
Podcast development
Email and paid marketing campaigns

Digital Presence